Title 12 Part 1081 → Subpart B → §1081.215

Title 12 → Chapter X → Part 1081 → Subpart B → §1081.215

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Title 12 Part 1081 → Subpart B → §1081.215

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Title 12Chapter XPart 1081Subpart B → §1081.215

Title 12: Banks and Banking
Subpart B—Initiation of Proceedings and Prehearing Rules

§1081.215   Prehearing submissions.

(a) Within the time set by the hearing officer, but in no case later than ten days before the start of the hearing, each party shall serve on every other party:

(1) A prehearing statement, which shall include an outline or narrative summary of its case or defense, and the legal theories upon which it will rely;

(2) A final list of witnesses to be called to testify at the hearing, including the name and address of each witness and a short summary of the expected testimony of each witness;

(3) Any prior sworn statements that a party intends to admit into evidence pursuant to §1081.303(h);

(4) A list of the exhibits to be introduced at the hearing along with a copy of each exhibit; and

(5) Any stipulations of fact or liability.

(b) Expert witnesses. Each party who intends to call an expert witness shall also serve, in addition to the information required by paragraph (a)(2) of this section, a statement of the expert's qualifications, a listing of other proceedings in which the expert has given or sought to give expert testimony at trial or hearing or by deposition within the preceding four years, and a list of publications authored or co-authored by the expert within the preceding ten years, to the extent such information has not already been provided pursuant to §1081.210.

(c) Effect of failure to comply. No witness may testify and no exhibits may be introduced at the hearing if such witness or exhibit is not listed in the prehearing submissions pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section, except for good cause shown.