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Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 40 → §40.23

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Title 10 Part 40 → §40.23

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Title 10Chapter IPart 40 → §40.23

Title 10: Energy

§40.23   General license for carriers of transient shipments of natural uranium other than in the form of ore or ore residue.

(a) A general license is hereby issued to any person to possess a transient shipment of natural uranium, other than in the form of ore or ore residue, in amounts exceeding 500 kilograms.

(b)(1) Persons generally licensed under paragraph (a) of this section, who plan to carry a transient shipment with scheduled stops at a United States port, shall notify the Director Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response, using an appropriate method listed in §40.5. The notification must be in writing and must be received at least 10 days before transport of the shipment commences at the shipping facility.

(2) The notification must include the following information:

(i) Location of all scheduled stops in United States territory;

(ii) Arrival and departure times for all scheduled stops in United States territory;

(iii) The type of transport vehicle;

(iv) A physical description of the shipment;

(v) The numbers and types of containers;

(vi) The name and telephone number of the carrier's representatives at each stopover location in the United States territory;

(vii) A listing of the modes of shipments, transfer points, and routes to be used;

(viii) The estimated date and time that shipment will commence and that each nation (other than the United States) along the route is scheduled to be entered;

(ix) For shipment between countries that are not party to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (i.e., not listed in appendix F to part 73 of this chapter), a certification that arrangements have been made to notify the Director, Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response when the shipment is received at the destination facility.

(c) Persons generally licensed under this section making unscheduled stops at United States ports, immediately after the decision to make an unscheduled stop, shall provide to the Director, Division of Physical and Cyber Security Policy the information required under paragraph (b) of this section.

(d) A licensee who needs to amend a notification may do so by telephoning the Division of Physical and Cyber Security Policy at (301) 287-3598.

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