Title 10 Part 15 → Subpart B → §15.38

Title 10 → Chapter I → Part 15 → Subpart B → §15.38

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Title 10 Part 15 → Subpart B → §15.38

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Title 10Chapter IPart 15Subpart B → §15.38

Title 10: Energy
Subpart B—Administrative Collection of Claims

§15.38   Use of credit reports.

The NRC may institute a credit investigation of the debtor at any time following receipt of knowledge of the debt in order to aid NRC in making appropriate determinations as to:

(a) The collection and compromise of a debt;

(b) The collection of interest, penalties, and administrative costs;

(c) The use of administrative offset;

(d) The use of other collection methods; and

(e) The likelihood of collecting the debt.

[55 FR 32380, Aug. 9, 1990]