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Title 7 Part 810 → Subpart E

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Title 7: Agriculture

§810.601   Definition of flaxseed.

Grain that, before the removal of dockage, consists of 50 percent or more of common flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) and not more than 20 percent of other grains for which standards have been established under the United States Grain Standards Act and which, after the removal of dockage, contains 50 percent or more of whole flaxseed.

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§810.602   Definition of other terms.

(a) Damaged kernels. Kernels and pieces of flaxseed kernels that are badly ground-damaged, badly weather-damaged, diseased, frost-damaged, germ-damaged, heat-damaged, insect-bored, mold-damaged, sprout-damaged, or otherwise materially damaged.

(b) Dockage. All matter other than flaxseed that can be removed from the original sample by use of an approved device according to procedures prescribed in FGIS instructions. Also, underdeveloped, shriveled, and small pieces of flaxseed kernels removed in properly separating the material other than flaxseed and that cannot be recovered by properly rescreening or recleaning.

(c) Heat-damaged kernels. Kernels and pieces of flaxseed kernels that are materially discolored and damaged by heat.

(d) Other grains. Barley, corn, cultivated buckwheat, einkorn, emmer, guar, hull-less barley, nongrain sorghum, oats, Polish wheat, popcorn, poulard wheat, rice, rye, safflower, sorghum, soybeans, spelt, sunflower seed, sweet corn, triticale, wheat, and wild oats.

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Principles Governing the Application of Standards

§810.603   Basis of determination.

Other determinations not specifically provided for under the general provisions are made on the basis of the grain when free from dockage, except the determination of odor is made on either the basis of the grain as a whole or the grain when free from dockage.

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Grades and Grade Requirements

§810.604   Grades and grade requirements for flaxseed.

GradeMinimum test weight per bushel (pounds)Maximum limits of damaged kernels—
Heat damaged kernels (percent)Total (percent)
U.S. No.
U.S. No. 247.00.515.0
U.S. Sample grade—
U.S. Sample grade is flaxseed that:
(a) Does not meet the requirements for the grades U.S. Nos. 1 or 2; or
(b) Contains 8 or more stones which have an aggregate weight in excess of 0.2 percent of the sample weight, 2 or more pieces of glass, 3 or more crotalaria seeds (Crotalaria spp.), 2 or more castor beans (Ricinus communis L.), 4 or more particles of an unknown foreign substance(s) or a commonly recognized harmful or toxic substance(s), 10 or more rodent pellets, bird dropping, or equivalent quantity of other animal filth per 118 to 114 quarts of flaxseed; or
(c) Has musty, sour, or commercially objectionable foreign odor (except smut or garlic odor), or
(d) Is heating or otherwise of distinctly low quality.

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