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Title 7 Part 810 → Subpart K → §810.1802

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Title 7: Agriculture
Subpart K—United States Standards for Sunflower Seed

§810.1802   Definition of other terms.

(a) Cultivated sunflower seed. Sunflower seed grown for oil content. The term seed in this and other definitions related to sunflower seed refers to both the kernel and hull which is a fruit or achene.

(b) Damaged sunflower seed. Seed and pieces of sunflower seed that are badly ground-damaged, badly weather-damaged, diseased, frost-damaged, heat-damaged, mold-damaged, sprout-damaged, or otherwise materially damaged.

(c) Dehulled seed. Sunflower seed that has the hull completely removed from the sunflower kernel.

(d) Foreign material. All matter other than whole sunflower seeds containing kernels that can be removed from the original sample by use of an approved device and by handpicking a portion of the sample according to procedures prescribed in FGIS instructions.

(e) Heat-damaged sunflower seed. Seed and pieces of sunflower seed that are materially discolored and damaged by heat.

(f) Hull (Husk). The ovary wall of the sunflower seed.

(g) Kernel. The interior contents of the sunflower seed that are surrounded by the hull.