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Title 5 → Chapter VI → Part 1620 → Subpart B

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Title 5 Part 1620 → Subpart B

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Title 5Chapter VIPart 1620 → Subpart B

Title 5: Administrative Personnel

Subpart B—Cooperative Extension Service, Union, and Intergovernmental Personnel Act Employees

§1620.10   Definition.

As used in this subpart, employing authority means the entity that employs an individual described in §1620.11 and which has the authority to make personnel compensation decisions for such employee.

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§1620.11   Scope.

This subpart applies to any individual participating in CSRS or FERS who:

(a) Has been appointed or otherwise assigned to one of the cooperative extension services, as defined in 7 U.S.C. 3103(5);

(b) Has entered on approved leave without pay to serve as a full-time officer or employee of an organization composed primarily of employees as defined by 5 U.S.C. 8331(1) and 8401(11); or

(c) Has been assigned, on an approved leave-without-pay basis, from a Federal agency to a state or local government under 5 U.S.C. chapter 33, subchapter VI.

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§1620.12   Employing authority contributions.

The employing authority, at its sole discretion, may choose to make employer contributions under 5 U.S.C. 8432(c) for employees who are covered under FERS. Such contributions may be made for any period of eligible service after January 1, 1984, provided that the employing agency must treat all its employees who are eligible to receive employer contributions in the same manner. The employing authority can commence or terminate employer contributions at any time after providing all affected employees with notice of a decision to commence or terminate such contributions at least 45 days before the beginning of the applicable election period. The employing authority may not contribute to the TSP on behalf of CSRS employees.

[64 FR 31057, June 9, 1999, as amended at 70 FR 32213, June 1, 2005]

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§1620.13   Retroactive contributions.

(a) An employing authority can make retroactive employer contributions on behalf of FERS employees described in this subpart, but cannot duplicate employer contributions already made to the TSP.

(b) An employing authority making retroactive employing agency contributions on behalf of a FERS employee described in §1620.12 must continue those contributions (but only to the extent they relate to service with the employing authority) if the employee returns to his or her agency of record or is transferred to another Federal agency without a break in service.

(c) CSRS and FERS employees covered by this subpart can make retroactive employee contributions relating to periods of service described in §1620.12, unless they already have been given the opportunity to make contributions for these periods of service.

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§1620.14   Payment to the record keeper.

(a) The employing authority of a cooperative extension service employee (described at §1620.11(a)) is responsible for transmitting employer and employee contributions to the TSP record keeper.

(b) The employing authority of a union employee or an Intergovernmental Personnel Act employee (described at §1620.11(b) and (c), respectively) is responsible for transmitting employer and employee contributions to the employee's Federal agency of record. Employee contributions will be deducted from the employee's actual pay. The employee's agency of record is responsible for transmitting the employer and employee's contributions to the TSP record keeper in accordance with Board procedures. The employee's election form (TSP-1) will be filed in the employee's official personnel folder or other similar file maintained by the employing authority.

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