Title 5 Part 894 → Subpart H → §894.811

Title 5 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 894 → Subpart H → §894.811

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Title 5 Part 894 → Subpart H → §894.811

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Title 5Chapter ISubchapter BPart 894Subpart H → §894.811

Title 5: Administrative Personnel
Subpart H—Special Provisions for TRICARE-Eligible Individuals (TEI)

§894.811   I am a TEI family member of a sponsor who is a retiree or Retired Reserve member who is not on active duty. My sponsor is a TEI-D but is not enrolled in a FEDVIP dental plan. Can I enroll in a FEDVIP dental plan even though my sponsor is eligible to enroll but is not enrolled?

Generally, if your sponsor is a TEI-D, he or she must enroll in a FEDVIP dental plan in order to cover TEI family members. As an exception, however, a TEI family member can accept the responsibility to self-certify and enroll in a FEDVIP dental plan as a TEI certifying family member, and cover other TEI family members, if the sponsor who is a TEI-D (eligible for FEDVIP dental benefits) is not enrolled and the sponsor meets at least one of the following conditions identified in §894.309(a)(3)(iii):

(a) The retiree sponsor receives VA dental services;

(b) The retiree sponsor has employer-sponsored dental coverage without a family coverage option; or

(c) The retiree sponsor has a medical or dental condition that prevents him or her from obtaining dental benefits.