Title 47

SECTION 101.205

101.205 Operation during emergency.

§ 101.205 Operation during emergency.

The licensee of any station in these services may, during a period of emergency in which normal communication facilities are disrupted as a result of hurricane, flood, earthquake, or similar disaster, utilize such station for emergency communication service in a manner other than that specified in the instrument of authorization: Provided:

(a) That as soon as possible after the beginning of such emergency use, notice be sent to the Commission stating the nature of the emergency and the use to which the station is being put;

(b) That the emergency use of the station must be discontinued as soon as substantially normal communication facilities are again available;

(c) That the Commission must be notified immediately when such special use of the station is terminated;

(d) That, in no event, will any station engage in emergency transmission on frequencies other than, or with power in excess of, that specified in the instrument of authorization or as otherwise expressly provided by the Commission, or by law; and

(e) That the Commission may, at any time, order the discontinuance of any such emergency communication.

[61 FR 26677, May 28, 1996, as amended at 63 FR 68983, Dec. 14, 1998]