Title 31

SECTION 515.561

515.561 Family visits.

§ 515.561 Family visits.

(a) General license. Persons subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and persons traveling with them who share a common dwelling as a family with them are authorized to engage in the travel-related transactions set forth in § 515.560(c) and such additional transactions as are directly incident to: visiting a close relative, as defined in § 515.339, who is a national of Cuba or a person ordinarily resident in Cuba; or visiting a close relative located in Cuba or accompanying a close relative traveling to Cuba pursuant to the authorizations in § 515.562 (official government business), § 515.563 (journalistic activity), § 515.564(a) (professional research), § 515.565(a)(1)(i) through (iv) and (vi) (educational activities), § 515.566 (religious activities), § 515.575 (humanitarian projects), or § 515.576 (activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes). Nothing in this paragraph authorizes a direct financial transaction prohibited by § 515.209, or the lodging, paying for lodging, or making any reservation for or on behalf of a third party to lodge, at any property on the Cuba Prohibited Accommodations List to the extent prohibited by § 515.210.

Note to paragraph (a):

Each person relying on the general authorization in this paragraph must retain specific records related to the authorized travel transactions. See §§ 501.601 and 501.602 of this chapter for applicable recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

(b) Specific licenses. Specific licenses may be issued on a case-by-case basis authorizing the travel-related transactions set forth in § 515.560(c) and such other transactions as are related to family visits that do not qualify for the general license under paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) An entire group does not qualify for the general license in paragraph (a) of this section merely because some members of the group qualify individually.

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