Title 31

SECTION 515.544

515.544 Certain gifts sent to the United States.

§ 515.544 Certain gifts sent to the United States.

The importation into the United States of merchandise from Cuba or Cuban-origin merchandise from a third country intended as gifts is authorized, provided that the value of the merchandise is not more than $100; the merchandise is of a type and in quantities normally given as gifts between individuals; the merchandise is sent and not carried by a traveler (including as accompanied or unaccompanied baggage); and the merchandise is not alcohol or tobacco products.

Note to § 515.544:

See § 515.533 for a general license authorizing transactions ordinarily incident to exports of items from the United States that are licensed or otherwise authorized by the Department of Commerce, which may include gifts sent to Cuba.

[80 FR 56921, Sept. 21, 2015]