Title 7

SECTION 920.50

920.50 Marketing policy.

§ 920.50 Marketing policy.

(a) Each season prior to making any recommendations pursuant to § 920.51, the committee shall submit to the Secretary a report setting forth its marketing policy for the ensuing marketing season. Such marketing policy report shall contain information relative to:

(1) The estimated total production of kiwifruit within the production area;

(2) The expected general quality and size of kiwifruit in the production area and in other areas;

(3) The expected demand conditions for kiwifruit in different market outlets;

(4) The expected shipments of kiwifruit produced in the production area and in areas outside the production area;

(5) Supplies of competing commodities;

(6) Trend and level of consumer income;

(7) Other factors having a bearing on the marketing of kiwifruit; and

(8) The type of regulations expected to be recommended during the marketing season.

(b) [Reserved]