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Title 48 Part 919 → Subpart 919.5

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Title 48Chapter 9Subchapter DPart 919 → Subpart 919.5

Title 48: Federal Acquisition Regulations System

Subpart 919.5—Set-Asides for Small Business

919.501   General.

(c) The Department has established an internal comprehensive review and screening process for acquisitions exceeding the simplified acquisition threshold. The review is intended to enhance the prospect of participation by small business, small disadvantaged business, and women-owned small business concerns.

(g) The policy prescribed by 48 CFR 19.501, which requires that a product or service acquired by a successful small business set-aside shall continue to be acquired on a set-aside basis, is applicable to DOE on a contracting activity-wide basis. The small and disadvantaged business specialist at a contracting activity shall maintain a list of such small business set-aside awards.

[52 FR 38425, Oct. 16, 1987, as amended at 59 FR 9106, Feb. 25, 1994; 61 FR 21977, May 13, 1996; 75 FR 69012, Nov. 10, 2010]

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919.502   Setting aside acquisitions.

919.502-2   Total small business set-asides.

In considering set-asides in the area of architect engineer contracts, contracting personnel must first consider the special procedures required by the Brooks Act, Pub. L. 92-582 pertaining to this type acquisition.

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919.503   Setting aside a class of acquisitions for small business.

By agreement with Small Business Administration (SBA), the DOE has established a class set-aside for construction acquisitions not exceeding $3 million, including new construction and repair and alteration of structures. Lists of other class set-asides shall be maintained by all DOE contracting offices. These lists shall be updated at least annually.

[49 FR 11997, Mar. 28, 1984, as amended at 75 FR 69012, Nov. 10, 2010]

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