Title 48

SECTION 6101.32

6101.32 Appeal from Board decision[Rule 32].

6101.32 Appeal from Board decision[Rule 32].

(a) Notice. A party filing a notice of appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (or with a district court in an admiralty case) shall provide a copy of the notice to the Board.

(b) Record on review. The record on appellate review is the record for decision under Rule 9(a) (48 CFR 6101.9(a)) and any other material in a case file that the appellate Court may require.

(c) Certified list. The Clerk will provide the clerk of the appellate Court a certified list as required by the Court's rules.

(d) Inspection or copying of record. The Clerk will make a record on appeal available for inspection and copying in accordance with the rules of the appellate Court.