Title 48

SECTION 925.103

925.103 Exceptions.

925.103 Exceptions.

(b) Nonavailabilty - (2)(i) Individual determinations. Contracting officers may make the determination required by 48 CFR 25.103(b)(2)(i), provided such determination is factually supported in writing. If the contract is estimated to exceed $1 million, the Head of the Contracting Activity must approve the determination.

(ii) Proposals to add an article to the list of nonavailable articles at 48 CFR 25.104, with appropriate justifications, must be submitted for approval by the Senior Procurement Executive and submission to the appropriate council.

[74 FR 36366, July 22, 2009, as amended at 75 FR 69013, Nov. 10, 2010; 81 FR 45977, July 15, 2016]