Title 48

SECTION 849.101

849.101 Authorities and responsibilities.

849.101 Authorities and responsibilities.

(a) While legal review and concurrence of the General Counsel is required prior to a default termination, in some cases where a quick response is necessary, this review can be expedited by express mailing or faxing the default letter and related documents which are required to make an evaluation directly to General Counsel (025). The default termination letter should contain, at a minimum, the following:

(1) The proposed termination (FAR 49.102);

(2) An explanation of what necessitated the default, including the reasons why the contracting officer considers the contractor to be in default;

(3) A statement that the factors set forth in FAR 49.402-3(f) have been fully considered; and

(4) Final decision language and appeal rights.

(b) Contracts containing a mutual termination clause may be terminated without reference to the General Counsel.