Title 47

SECTION 51.905

51.905 Implementation.

§ 51.905 Implementation.

(a) The rates set forth in this section are default rates. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Commission's rules, telecommunications carriers may agree to rates different from the default rates.

(b) LECs who are otherwise required to file tariffs are required to tariff rates no higher than the default transitional rates specified by this subpart.

(1) With respect to interstate switched access services governed by this subpart, LECs shall tariff rates for those services in their federal tariffs. Except as expressly superseded below, LECs shall follow the procedures specified in part 61 of this chapter when filing such tariffs.

(2) With respect to Transitional Intrastate Access Services governed by this subpart, LECs shall follow the procedures specified by relevant state law when filing such tariffs, price lists or other instrument (referred to collectively as “tariffs”).

(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed to require a carrier to file or maintain a tariff or to amend an existing tariff if it is not otherwise required to do so under applicable law.