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Title 47 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 51 → Subpart D → §51.327

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Title 47 Part 51 → Subpart D → §51.327

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Title 47Chapter ISubchapter BPart 51Subpart D → §51.327

Title 47: Telecommunication
Subpart D—Additional Obligations of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers

§51.327   Notice of network changes: Content of notice.

(a) Public notice of planned network changes must, at a minimum, include:

(1) The carrier's name and address;

(2) The name and telephone number of a contact person who can supply additional information regarding the planned changes;

(3) The implementation date of the planned changes;

(4) The location(s) at which the changes will occur;

(5) A description of the type of changes planned (Information provided to satisfy this requirement must include, as applicable, but is not limited to, references to technical specifications, protocols, and standards regarding transmission, signaling, routing, and facility assignment as well as references to technical standards that would be applicable to any new technologies or equipment, or that may otherwise affect interconnection); and

(6) A description of the reasonably foreseeable impact of the planned changes.

(b) The incumbent LEC also shall follow, as necessary, procedures relating to confidential or proprietary information contained in §51.335.

[61 FR 47351, Sept. 6, 1996]

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