Title 47


90.15 Scope.

§ 90.15 Scope.

The Public Safety Radio Pool covers the licensing of the radio communications of governmental entities and the following category of activities: Medical services, rescue organizations, veterinarians, persons with disabilities, disaster relief organizations, school buses, beach patrols, establishments in isolated places, communications standby facilities, and emergency repair of public communications facilities. Entities not meeting these eligibility criteria may also be licensed in the Public Safety Radio Pool solely to provide service to eligibles on one-way paging-only frequencies below 800 MHz, i.e., those frequencies with the assignment limitations appearing at § 90.20(d)(13) or (d)(60). Private carrier systems licensed on other channels prior to June 1, 1990, may continue to provide radio communications service to eligibles. Rules as to eligibility for licensing, frequencies available, permissible communications and classes and number of stations, and any special requirements are set forth in the following sections.