Title 46

SECTION 272.32

272.32 Mitigation of penalty.

§ 272.32 Mitigation of penalty.

The Director, Office of Ship Operating Assistance, may decide, after a non-emergency foreign repair occurs, to mitigate the penalty. Any mitigation of penalty shall be based on a determination that special circumstances existed at the time of repair. The Director shall not consider the difference in the price of foreign and domestic repair work in making this determination, and shall not grant prior approval of foreign repairs. In determining whether special circumstances existed, the Director shall consider, among others, the following factors:

(a) The trading area of the vessel both before and after the repair was performed;

(b) Loss of revenue and effect on vessel utilization if the vessel had returned to the United States for repairs;

(c) The additional operating expense which would have resulted from a return to the United States to repair the vessel; and

(d) Whether the repairs could have been deferred until return to the United States, taking into consideration the Coast Guard requirements for dry docking and special surveys.