Title 46

SECTION 272.12

272.12 Determining the condition of eligible vessels.

§ 272.12 Determining the condition of eligible vessels.

The Operator of an Eligible Vessel shall make the vessel available whenever MARAD may require, in any of the following instances:

(a) At the commencement of the first subsidized voyage, except for a newly constructed vessel which enters subsidized service immediately upon delivery by the shipyard, and for which there is a prior condition survey report. If that subsidized service commences outside the continental limits of the United States, the vessel may be surveyed at the first United States port of call;

(b) At the commencement of the first voyage following the effective date for M&R subsidy established by MARAD, if such M&R rate was not established at the commencement of the vessel's first voyage;

(c) Upon the discontinuance of a M&R subsidy rate;

(d) Upon resumption of subsidized voyages after temporary withdrawal from subsidized operation. The vessel shall not be considered as having been temporarily withdrawn from subsidized service if it performed unsubsidized voyages in a subsidized service of the Operator;

(e) Upon withdrawal from subsidized service, either temporarily (subject to the provisions of paragraph (d) of § 272.14), or permanently;

(f) During the dry docking period incident to the vessel's American Bureau of Shipping Special Surveys;

(g) Upon termination of the last voyage under the ODSA, or at the end of the contract period, with respect to subsidized vessels in idle status at that time; or

(h) At any other time that MARAD considers to be appropriate.