Title 45


Subpart E - Termination for Cause Procedures Authority:42 U.S.C. 4953(b), (c), (f), and 5044(e).

45: 2556.400
   2556.400 What is termination for cause and what are the criteria for termination for cause
45: 2556.405
   2556.405 Who has sole authority to remove a VISTA from a VISTA project and who has sole authority to terminate a VISTA from the VISTA program
45: 2556.410
   2556.410 May a sponsor request that a VISTA be removed from its project
45: 2556.415
   2556.415 May CNCS remove a VISTA from a project without the sponsor's request for removal
45: 2556.420
   2556.420 What are termination for cause proceedings
45: 2556.425
   2556.425 May a VISTA appeal his or her termination for cause
45: 2556.430
   2556.430 Is a VISTA who is terminated early from the VISTA program for other than cause entitled to appeal under these procedures