Title 45

SECTION 2519.400

2519.400 What must an applicant include in an application for a grant

§ 2519.400 What must an applicant include in an application for a grant?

In order to apply to the Corporation for a grant, an applicant must submit the following: (a) A plan describing the goals and activities of the proposed program.

(b) The specific program, budget, and other information and assurances specified by the Corporation in the grant application package.

(c) Assurances that the applicant will -

(1) Keep such records and provide such information to the Corporation with respect to the program as may be required for fiscal audits and program evaluation;

(2) Comply with the criminal history check requirements for all grant-funded staff employed after October 1, 2009, in accordance with 45 CFR 2540.200-207, as well as the nonduplication, nondisplacement, and grievance procedure requirements of Part 2540.

(3) Prior to the placement of a participant in the program, consult with the appropriate local labor organization, if any, representing employees in the area who are engaged in the same or similar work as the work proposed to be carried out by the program, to prevent the displacement and protect the rights of those employees; and

(4) Comply with any other assurances that the Corporation deems necessary.

[59 FR 13792, Mar. 23, 1994, as amended at 74 FR 46505, Sept. 10, 2009]