Title 45

SECTION 1631.15

1631.15 Capital improvements.

§ 1631.15 Capital improvements.

(a) As required by 45 CFR 1630.6 and 1631.3, a recipient must obtain LSC's prior written approval before using more than $25,000 LSC funds to make capital improvements to real estate.

(b) The written request must include:

(1) A statement of need;

(2) A brief description of the nature of the work to be done, the name of the sources performing the work, and the total expected cost of the improvement; and

(3) Documentation showing that the recipient followed its procurement policies and procedures in competing, selecting, and awarding contracts to perform the work.

(c) A recipient must maintain supporting documentation to accurately identify and account for any use of LSC funds to make capital improvements to real estate owned by the recipient.