Title 45

SECTION 1322.19

1322.19 Application requirements.

§ 1322.19 Application requirements.

A tribal organization shall have an approved application. The application shall be submitted as prescribed in section 604 of the Act and in accordance with the Commissioner's instructions for the specified project and budget periods. The application shall provide for:

(a) Program objectives, as set forth in section 604(a)(5) of the Act, and any objectives established by the Commissioner.

(b) A description of the geographic boundaries of the service area proposed by the tribal organization:

(c) Documentation of the ability of the tribal organization to deliver supportive and nutrition services to older Indians, or documentation that the tribal organization has effectively administered supportive and nutrition services within the last 3 years;

(d) Assurances as prescribed by the Commissioner that:

(1) A tribal organization represents at least 50 individuals who have attained 60 years of age or older;

(2) A tribal organization shall comply with all applicable State and local license and safety requirements for the provision of those services;

(3) If a substantial number of the older Indians residing in the service area are of limited English-speaking ability, the tribal organization shall utilize the services of workers who are fluent in the language spoken by a predominant number of older Indians;

(4) Procedures to ensure that all services under this part are provided without use of any means tests;

(5) A tribal organization shall comply with all requirements set forth in § 1322.7 through 1322.17; and

(6) The services provided under this part will be coordinated, where applicable, with services provided under title III of the Act.

(e) A tribal resolution(s) authorizing the tribal organization to apply for a grant under this part; and

(f) Signature by the principal official of the tribe.