Title 45

SECTION 1322.15

1322.15 Nutrition services.

§ 1322.15 Nutrition services.

(a) In addition to providing nutrition services to older Indians, a tribal organization may:

(1) Provide nutrition services to the spouses of older Indians;

(2) Provide nutrition services to non-elderly handicapped or disabled Indians who reside in housing facilities occupied primarily by the elderly, at which congregate nutrition services are provided;

(3) Offer a meal, on the same basis as meals are provided to older Indians, to individuals providing volunteer services during meal hours; and

(4) Provide a meal to individuals with disabilities who reside in a non-institutional household with and accompany a person eligible for congregate meals under that part.

(b) Each tribal organization may receive cash payments in lieu of donated foods for all or any portion of its funding available under section 311(a)(4) of the Act. To receive cash or commodities, the tribal organization shall have an agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to be a distributing agency.

(c) Where applicable, the tribal organization shall work with agencies responsible for administering other programs to facilitate participation of older Indians.