Title 45 Part 2556 → Subpart H → §2556.720

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter XXV → Part 2556 → Subpart H → §2556.720

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Title 45 Part 2556 → Subpart H → §2556.720

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XXVPart 2556Subpart H → §2556.720

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart H—Restrictions and Prohibitions on Political Activities and Lobbying

§2556.720   May VISTAs participate in political organizations?

(a) Provided that paragraph (b) of this section is fully adhered to, and in accordance with the prohibitions set forth in §2556.710, a VISTA may:

(1) Be a member of a political party or other political group and participate in its activities;

(2) Serve as an officer of a political party or other political group, a member of a national, State, or local committee of a political party, an officer or member of a committee of a political group, or be a candidate for any of these positions;

(3) Attend and participate fully in the business of nominating caucuses of political parties;

(4) Organize or reorganize a political party organization or political group;

(5) Participate in a political convention, rally, or other political gathering; and

(6) Serve as a delegate, alternate, or proxy to a political party convention.

(b) A VISTA may participate in a political organization as long as such participation:

(1) Does not interfere with the performance of, or availability to perform, his or her assigned VISTA project duties;

(2) Does not interfere with the provision of service in the VISTA program;

(3) Is not conducted in a manner involving the use of VISTA assistance, resources or funds;

(4) Would not result in the identification of the VISTA as being a participant in or otherwise associated with the VISTA program;

(5) Is not conducted during scheduled VISTA service hours; and

(6) Does not interfere with the full-time commitment to remain available for VISTA service without regard to regular working hours, at all times during periods of service, except for authorized periods of leave.