Title 45

SECTION 1631.18

1631.18 Insurance.

§ 1631.18 Insurance.

At the time of purchase, a recipient must obtain insurance coverage for real estate purchased with LSC funds which is not lower in value than coverage it has obtained for other real estate it owns and which provides at least the following coverage:

(a) Title insurance that:

(1) Insures the fee interest in the property for an amount not less than the full appraised value as approved by LSC, or the amount of the purchase price, whichever is greater; and

(2) Contains an endorsement identifying LSC as a loss payee to be reimbursed if the title fails.

(3) If no endorsement naming LSC as loss payee is made, the recipient must pay LSC the title insurance proceeds it receives in the event of a failure.

(b) A physical destruction insurance policy, including flood insurance where appropriate, which insures the full replacement value of the facility from risk of partial and total physical destructions. The recipient must maintain this policy for the period of time that the recipient owns the real estate.