Title 45

SECTION 1172.2

1172.2 Application.

§ 1172.2 Application.

(a) The Act and the regulations in this part apply to each recipient and to any program or activity receiving financial assistance from the NEH.

(b) The Act does not apply to:

(1) Any age distinction contained in that part of a Federal, State or local statute or ordinance adopted by an elected, general purpose legislative body which:

(i) Provides any benefits or assistance to persons based on age;

(ii) Establishes criteria for participation in age-related terms; or

(iii) Describes intended beneficiaries or target groups in age-related terms.

(2) Any employment practice of any employer, employment agency, labor organization, or with respect to any labor-management joint apprenticeship training program.

(3) The rights or responsibilities of any person or party pursuant to the ADEA, the EEOC regulations under the ADEA, or any statements of policy promulgated by the EEOC under the ADEA.