Title 45 Part 1149 → Subpart E → §1149.22

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter XI → Subchapter B → Part 1149 → Subpart E → §1149.22

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Title 45 Part 1149 → Subpart E → §1149.22

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XISubchapter BPart 1149Subpart E → §1149.22

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart E—Procedures Following Service of a Complaint

§1149.22   What happens if you fail to file an answer?

(a) If you do not file any answer within 30 days after service of the complaint, the reviewing official may refer the complaint to the ALJ.

(b) Once the complaint is referred, the ALJ will promptly serve on you a notice that he/she will issue an initial decision.

(c) The ALJ will assume the facts alleged in the complaint are true. If such facts establish liability under the statute, the ALJ will issue an initial decision imposing the maximum amount of penalties and assessments allowed under the PFCRA.

(d) Except as otherwise provided in this section, when you fail to file a timely answer, you waive any right to further review of the penalties and assessments imposed in the initial decision. This initial decision will become final and binding 30 days after it is issued.