Title 45 Part 1149 → Subpart D → §1149.11

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter XI → Subchapter B → Part 1149 → Subpart D → §1149.11

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Title 45 Part 1149 → Subpart D → §1149.11

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter XISubchapter BPart 1149Subpart D → §1149.11

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart D—Procedures Leading to the Issuance of a Complaint

§1149.11   May the investigating official issue a subpoena?

(a) Yes. The Inspector General has authority to issue administrative subpoenas for the production of records and documents. If an investigating official concludes that a subpoena is warranted, he/she may issue a subpoena.

(1) The issued subpoena must notify you of the authority under which it is issued and must identify the records or documents sought;

(2) The investigating official may designate a person to act on his or her behalf to receive the documents sought; and

(3) You are required to tender to the investigating official, or the person designated to receive the documents, a certification that:

(i) The documents sought have been produced;

(ii) Such documents are not available and the reasons therefore; or

(iii) Such documents, suitably identified, have been withheld based upon the assertion of an identified privilege.

(b) Nothing in this section precludes or limits an investigating official's discretion to refer allegations within the Department of Justice for suit under the False Claims Act or other civil relief, or to defer or postpone a report or referral to the reviewing official to avoid interference with a criminal investigation or prosecution.

(c) Nothing in this section modifies any responsibility of an investigating official to report violations of criminal law to the appropriate component of the Department of Justice.