Title 45 Part 900 → Subpart C → §900.304

Title 45 → Subtitle B → Chapter IX → Part 900 → Subpart C → §900.304

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Title 45 Part 900 → Subpart C → §900.304

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Title 45Subtitle BChapter IXPart 900Subpart C → §900.304

Title 45: Public Welfare
Subpart C—Environmental Assessments

§900.304   Actions resulting from assessment.

(a) Accepted without modification. The Commission may accept a proposal without modifications if the EA indicates that the proposal does not have significant environmental impacts and a FONSI is prepared in accordance with §900.305.

(b) Accepted with modification. If an EA identifies potentially significant environmental impacts, the proposal may be modified to eliminate such impacts. Proposals so modified may be accepted by the Commission if the proposed changes are evaluated in an EA and a FONSI is prepared in accordance with §900.305.

(c) Mitigated FONSI. If mitigation is required to reduce the impacts below significant the FONSI shall identify the mitigation and describe applicable monitoring and enforcement measures intended to ensure the implementation of the mitigation measures.

(d) Prepare an EIS. The Commission shall require that the proposal be evaluated in an EIS, prepared in accordance with subpart D to this part, if the EA indicates significant environmental impacts that cannot be mitigated below a specified level of significance.

(e) Rejected. The Commission may always elect to reject a proposal.