Title 45


601.4 Classification Review Committee.

§ 601.4 Classification Review Committee.

The Security Officer (Information) chairs the Foundation's Classification Review Committee which has authority to act on all suggestions and complaints with respect to the Foundation's administration of the regulations. The Assistant Directors and the Heads of other offices reporting to the Director serve as members of the Committee. All suggestions and complaints including those regarding overclassification, failure to classify, or delay in declassifying not otherwise resolved, shall be referred to the Committee for resolution. The Committee shall establish procedures to review and act within 30 days upon all appeals regarding requests for declassification. The Committee is authorized to overrule previous determinations in whole or in part when in its judgment, continued protection is no longer required. If the Committee determines that continued classification is required under the criteria of the Executive Order, it shall promptly so notify the requester and advise him that he may file an application for review with the Foundation. In addition, the Committee shall review all appeals of requests for records under section 552 of title 5 U.S.C. (Freedom of Information Act) when the proposed denial is based on their continued classification under Executive Order 12958.

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