Title 43

SECTION 3507.17

3507.17 What information must my preference right lease application include

§ 3507.17 What information must my preference right lease application include?

Your application must contain:

(a) A statement of your qualifications and holdings as specified in subpart 3503 of this chapter;

(b) Three maps showing:

(1) Utility systems;

(2) The location of any proposed development or mining operations and incidental facilities;

(3) The approximate locations and the extent of the areas you will use for pits, overburden and tailings; and

(4) The location of water sources or other resources which you may use in the proposed operations or incidental facilities;

(c) A narrative statement addressing:

(1) The anticipated scope, method and schedule of development operations, including the type of equipment you will use;

(2) The method of mining anticipated, including the best available estimate of the mining sequence and production rate; and

(3) The relationship, if any, between the planned mining operations and existing or planned mining operations and facilities on adjacent Federal or non-Federal lands;

(d) Financial information which will enable us to determine if you have found a valuable deposit. Include at least an estimate of projected mining and processing costs, saleable products and markets, and projected selling prices;

(e) A complete and accurate description of the lands as found in your prospecting permit, if your application is for less than the lands covered by your prospecting permit; and

(f) Other data, as we may require.