Title 42

SECTION 493.903

493.903 Administrative responsibilities.

§ 493.903 Administrative responsibilities.

The proficiency testing program must -

(a)(1) Provide HHS or its designees and participating laboratories with an electronic or a hard copy, or both, of reports of proficiency testing results and all scores for each laboratory's performance in a format as required by and approved by CMS for each CLIA-certified specialty, subspecialty, and analyte or test within 60 days after the date by which the laboratory must report proficiency testing results to the proficiency testing program.

(2) Provide HHS with reports of PT results and scores of individual performance in cytology and provide copies of reports to participating individuals, and to all laboratories that employ the individuals, within 15 working days of the testing event;

(b) Furnish to HHS cumulative reports on an individual laboratory's performance and aggregate data on CLIA-certified laboratories for the purpose of establishing a system to make the proficiency testing program's results available, on a reasonable basis, upon request of any person, and include such explanatory information as may be appropriate to assist in the interpretation of the proficiency testing program's results;

(c) Provide HHS with additional information and data upon request and submit such information necessary for HHS to conduct an annual evaluation to determine whether the proficiency testing program continues to meet the requirements of §§ 493.901 through 493.959;

(d) Maintain records of laboratories' performance for a period of five years or such time as may be necessary for any legal proceedings; and

(e) Provide HHS with an annual report and, if needed, an interim report which identifies any previously unrecognized sources of variability in kits, instruments, methods, or PT samples, which adversely affect the programs' ability to evaluate laboratory performance.

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