Title 42

SECTION 493.646

493.646 Payment of fees.

§ 493.646 Payment of fees.

(a) Except for CLIA-exempt laboratories, all laboratories are notified in writing by HHS or its designee of the appropriate fee(s) and instructions for submitting the fee(s), including the due date for payment and where to make payment. The appropriate certificate is not issued until the applicable fees have been paid.

(b) For State-exempt laboratories, HHS estimates the cost of conducting validation surveys within the State for a 2-year period. HHS or its designee notifies the State by mail of the appropriate fees, including the due date for payment and the address of the United States Department of Treasury designated commercial bank to which payment must be made. In addition, if complaint investigations are conducted in laboratories within these States and are substantiated, HHS bills the State(s) the costs of the complaint investigations.

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