Title 42 Part 493 → Subpart K → §493.1252

Title 42 → Chapter IV → Subchapter G → Part 493 → Subpart K → §493.1252

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Title 42 Part 493 → Subpart K → §493.1252

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Title 42Chapter IVSubchapter GPart 493Subpart K → §493.1252

Title 42: Public Health
Subpart K—Quality System for Nonwaived Testing

§493.1252   Standard: Test systems, equipment, instruments, reagents, materials, and supplies.

(a) Test systems must be selected by the laboratory. The testing must be performed following the manufacturer's instructions and in a manner that provides test results within the laboratory's stated performance specifications for each test system as determined under §493.1253.

(b) The laboratory must define criteria for those conditions that are essential for proper storage of reagents and specimens, accurate and reliable test system operation, and test result reporting. The criteria must be consistent with the manufacturer's instructions, if provided. These conditions must be monitored and documented and, if applicable, include the following:

(1) Water quality.

(2) Temperature.

(3) Humidity.

(4) Protection of equipment and instruments from fluctuations and interruptions in electrical current that adversely affect patient test results and test reports.

(c) Reagents, solutions, culture media, control materials, calibration materials, and other supplies, as appropriate, must be labeled to indicate the following:

(1) Identity and when significant, titer, strength or concentration.

(2) Storage requirements.

(3) Preparation and expiration dates.

(4) Other pertinent information required for proper use.

(d) Reagents, solutions, culture media, control materials, calibration materials, and other supplies must not be used when they have exceeded their expiration date, have deteriorated, or are of substandard quality.

(e) Components of reagent kits of different lot numbers must not be interchanged unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer.