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Title 42 Part 482 → Subpart E → §482.78

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Title 42Chapter IVSubchapter GPart 482Subpart E → §482.78

Title 42: Public Health
Subpart E—Requirements for Specialty Hospitals

§482.78   Condition of participation: Emergency preparedness for transplant programs.

A transplant program must be included in the emergency preparedness planning and the emergency preparedness program as set forth in §482.15 for the hospital in which it is located. However, a transplant program is not individually responsible for the emergency preparedness requirements set forth in §482.15.

(a) Standard: Policies and procedures. A transplant program must have policies and procedures that address emergency preparedness. These policies and procedures must be included in the hospital's emergency preparedness program.

(b) Standard: Protocols with hospital and OPO. A transplant program must develop and maintain mutually agreed upon protocols that address the duties and responsibilities of the transplant program, the hospital in which the transplant program is operated, and the OPO designated by the Secretary, unless the hospital has an approved waiver to work with another OPO, during an emergency.

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