Title 42 Part 476 → Subpart C → §476.90

Title 42 → Chapter IV → Subchapter F → Part 476 → Subpart C → §476.90

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Title 42 Part 476 → Subpart C → §476.90

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Title 42Chapter IVSubchapter FPart 476Subpart C → §476.90

Title 42: Public Health
Subpart C—Review Responsibilities of Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs)

§476.90   Lack of cooperation by a provider or practitioner.

(a) If a provider or practitioner refuses to allow a QIO to enter and perform the duties and functions required under its contract with CMS, the QIO may—

(1) Determine that the provider or practitioner has failed to comply with the requirements of 42 CFR 1004.10(c) and report the matter to the HHS Inspector General; or

(2) Issue initial denial determinations for those claims it is unable to review, make the determination that financial liability will be assigned to the provider or practitioner, and may report the matter to the HHS Inspector General.

(b) If a QIO gives a provider or practitioner sufficient notice and a reasonable amount of time to respond to a request for information about a claim, and if the provider or practitioner does not respond in a timely manner, the QIO will deny the claim. A provider or practitioner may request that the QIO reconsider its decision to deny the claim. No further appeal rights are available.

[77 FR 53683, Aug. 31, 2012]