Title 42 Part 434 → Subpart D → §434.40

Title 42 → Chapter IV → Subchapter C → Part 434 → Subpart D → §434.40

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Title 42 Part 434 → Subpart D → §434.40

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Title 42Chapter IVSubchapter CPart 434Subpart D → §434.40

Title 42: Public Health
Subpart D—Contracts With Health Insuring Organizations

§434.40   Contract requirements.

(a) Contracts with health insuring organizations that are not subject to the requirements in section 1903(m)(2)(A) must:

(1) Meet the general requirements for all contracts and subcontracts specified in §434.6;

(2) Specify that the contractor assumes at least part of the underwriting risk and;

(i) If the contractor assumes the full underwriting risk, specify that payment of the capitation fees to the contractor during the contract period constitutes full payment by the agency for the cost of medical services provided under the contract;

(ii) If the contractor assumes less than the full underwriting risk, specify how the risk is apportioned between the agency and the contractor;

(3) Specify whether the contractor returns to the agency part of any savings remaining after the allowable costs are deducted from the capitations fees, and if savings are returned, the apportionment between agency and the contractor; and

(4) Specify the extent, if any, to which the contractor may obtain reinsurance of a portion of the underwriting risk.

(b) The contract must—

(1) Specify that the capitation fee will not exceed the limits set forth under part 447 of this chapter.

(2) Specify that, except as permitted under paragraph (b) of this section, the capitation fee paid on behalf of each beneficiary may not be renegotiated—

(i) During the contract period if the contract period is 1 year or less; or

(ii) More often than annually if the contract period is for more than 1 year.

(3) Specify that the capitation fee will not include any amount for recoupment of any specific losses suffered by the contractor for risks assumed under the same contract or a prior contract with the agency; and

(4) Specify the actuarial basis for computation of the capitation fee.

(c) The capitation fee may be renegotiated more frequently than annually for beneficiaries who are not enrolled at the time of renegotiation or if the renegotiation is required by changes in Federal or State law.

[55 FR 51295, Dec. 13, 1990]