Title 42


434.2 Definitions.

§ 434.2 Definitions.

As used in this part, unless the context indicates otherwise -

Fiscal agent means an entity that processes or pays vendor claims for the agency.

Health care projects grant center means an entity that -

(a) Is supported in whole or in part by Federal project grant financial assistance; and

(b) Provides or arranges for medical services to beneficiaries.

Private nonmedical institution means an institution (such as a child-care facility or a maternity home) that -

(a) Is not, as a matter of regular business, a health insuring organization or a community health care center;

(b) Provides medical care to its residents through contracts or other arrangements with medical providers; and

(c) Receives capitation payments from the Medicaid agency, under a nonrisk contract, for its residents who are eligible for Medicaid.

Professional management service or consultant firm means a firm that performs management services such as auditing or staff training, or carries out studies or provides consultation aimed at improving State Medicaid operations, for example, with respect to reimbursement formulas or accounting systems.

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