Title 42

SECTION 417.574

417.574 Interim settlement.

§ 417.574 Interim settlement.

(a) Determination. Within 30 days following the receipt of the HMO's or CMP's final interim cost and enrollment reports, CMS will make an interim determination of the estimated amount payable to the HMO or CMP for the reasonable cost of covered services furnished to its Medicare enrollees during the contract period. CMS will base the determination on the interim cost report and enrollment data submitted by the HMO or CMP, and any other relevant data CMS finds appropriate. For this purpose, CMS will accept costs as reported, subject to later review or audit, unless there are obvious errors or inconsistencies.

(b) Payment. Any difference between the total amount of interim payments and the amount found payable on the basis of the interim determination under paragraph (a) of this section, must be paid by the HMO or CMP or will be paid by CMS, whichever is appropriate, no later than 30 days after CMS's determination.

[50 FR 1346, Jan. 10, 1985, as amended at 58 FR 38082, July 15, 1993]