Title 42

SECTION 417.548

417.548 Provider services through arrangements.

§ 417.548 Provider services through arrangements.

(a) Principle. The cost incurred by an HMO or CMP for covered services furnished under arrangement with a provider is allowable to the extent that it would be allowable and payable under parts 412 and 413 of this chapter, unless the HMO or CMP petitions CMS and demonstrates to HFCA's satisfaction that payment in excess of the amount authorized under parts 412 and 413 of this chapter is justified on the basis of advantages gained by the HMO or CMP.

(b) Application. An advantage gained must represent a real and tangible benefit received by the HMO or CMP for the excess cost incurred, and any excess payment is subject to other applicable requirements of parts 405, 412 and 413 of this chapter, including tests of reasonableness.

(c) Example. In the case of an arrangement an HMO or CMP has with a provider that is located outside the HMO's or CMP's geographic area and that is not related to the HMO or CMP by common ownership or control, payment of the provider's charges to the HMO or CMP (rather than the payment amounts determined under part 412 or part 413 of this chapter) may be justified in exchange for the advantages of not having to incur the administrative costs of determining the provider's reasonable cost and of making a more timely final settlement with the HMO or CMP. However, repayment of the provider's charges would be acceptable only if -

(1) The provider furnishes services to the HMO's or CMP's enrollees infrequently;

(2) The charges represent an insignificant portion of total Medicare reimbursement to the HMO or CMP; and

(3) The charges do not exceed the customary charges by the provider to its other patients for similar services.

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