Title 42

SECTION 417.538

417.538 Enrollment and marketing costs.

§ 417.538 Enrollment and marketing costs.

(a) Principle. Costs incurred by an HMO or CMP in performing the enrollment and marketing activities described in subpart k of this part are allowable.

(b) Included costs. Allowable enrollment and marketing costs are those necessary and proper costs incurred in offering the HMO's or CMP's plan to potential enrollees in accordance with this part. Those costs include selling, advertising, promotional, and other marketing costs and may not exceed an amount that would be incurred by a prudent and cost-conscious management.

(c) Application. Enrollment and marketing costs are allowable, whether incurred directly by HMO or CMP staff or under contract with marketing specialists or other outside consultants.

(d) Limitation on payment. The relatively higher costs that an HMO or CMP is likely to incur in initially offering its plan to Medicare beneficiaries are taken into account in determining whether enrollment and marketing costs are reasonable in amount. However, if those costs exceed amounts that would be paid by prudent management, the excess is not allowable.

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