Title 42

SECTION 417.534

417.534 Allowable costs.

§ 417.534 Allowable costs.

(a) Definition - Allowable costs means the direct and indirect costs, including normal standby costs incurred by the HMO or CMP, that are proper and necessary for efficient delivery of needed health care services. They include the costs of furnishing services to the HMO's or CMP's Medicare enrollees, other enrollees, and nonenrolled patients, which are typical “provider” costs, and costs (such as marketing, enrollment, membership, and operation of the HMO or CMP) that are peculiar to health care prepayment organizations.

(b) Basic rules. (1) The allowability of an HMO's or CMP's costs for furnishing services is generally determined in accordance with principles applicable to provider costs, as set forth in § 417.536.

(2) The allowability of other costs is determined in accordance with principles set forth in §§ 417.538 through 417.550.

(3) Costs for covered services for which Medicare is not the primary payor, as described in § 417.528, are not allowable.

(c) Medicare Part D program costs. To the extent that an HMO or CMP provides qualified prescription drug coverage to enrollees under Part D, no costs related to the offering or provision of Part D benefits are reimbursed under this part. These costs are reimbursed solely under the applicable provisions of part 423 of this chapter.

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