Title 42

SECTION 417.531

417.531 Hospice care services.

§ 417.531 Hospice care services.

(a) If a Medicare enrollee of an HMO or CMP with a reasonable cost contract makes an election under § 418.24 of this chapter to receive hospice care services, payment for these services is made to the hospice that furnishes the services in accordance with part 418 of this chapter.

(b) While the enrollee's hospice election is in effect, CMS pays the HMO or CMP on a reasonable cost basis for only the following covered Medicare services furnished to the Medicare enrollee:

(1) Services of the enrollee's attending physician if the physician is an employee or contractor of the HMO or CMP and is not employed by or under contract to the enrollee's hospice.

(2) Services not related to the treatment of the terminal condition for which hospice care was elected or a condition related to the terminal condition.

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