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Title 41 Part 109-42

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Title 41: Public Contracts and Property Management



Subpart 109-42.11—Special Types of Hazardous Material and Certain Categories of Property

§109-42.1100.50   Scope of subpart.

This subpart sets forth policies and procedures for the utilization and disposal outside of DOE of excess and surplus personal property which has been radioactively or chemically contaminated.

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§109-42.1100.51   Policy.

When the holding organization determines it is appropriate to dispose of contaminated personal property, it shall be disposed of by DOE in accordance with appropriate Federal regulations governing radiation/chemical exposure and environmental contamination. In special cases where Federal regulations do not exist or apply, appropriate state and local regulations shall be followed.

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§109-42.1102-8   United States Munitions List items which require demilitarization.

Program Secretarial Officer (PSO) shall determine demilitarization requirements regarding combat material and military personal property using DoD 4160.21-M-1, Defense Demilitarization Manual as a guide.

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§109-42.1102-51   Suspect personal property.

(a) Excess personal property (including scrap) having a history of use in an area where radioactive or chemical contamination may occur shall be considered suspect and shall be monitored using appropriate instruments and techniques by qualified personnel of the DOE office or contractor generating the excess.

(b) With due consideration to the economic factors involved, every effort shall be made to reduce the level of contamination of excess or surplus personal property to the lowest practicable level. Contaminated personal property that exceeds applicable contamination standards shall not be utilized or disposed outside DOE.

(c) If contamination is suspected and the property is of such size, construction, or location as to make testing for contamination impossible, the property shall not be utilized or disposed outside of DOE.

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§109-42.1102-52   Low level contaminated personal property.

If monitoring of suspect personal property indicates that contamination does not exceed applicable standards, it may be utilized and disposed of in the same manner as uncontaminated personal property, provided the guidance in §109-45.5005-1(a) of this chapter has been considered. However, recipients shall be advised where levels of radioactive contamination require specific controls for shipment as provided in Department of Transportation Regulations (49 CFR parts 171-179) for shipment of radioactive personal property. In addition, when any contaminated personal property is screened within DOE, reported to GSA, or otherwise disposed of, the kind and degree of contamination must be plainly indicated on all pertinent documents.

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