Title 41

SECTION 101-39.102

101-39.102 Determinations.

§ 101-39.102 Determinations.

Each determination to establish a fleet management system will include:

(a) A description of the proposed operation (including Government-owned vehicles operated by contractors) covering the types of service and the geographic area (including the defined mandatory and optional use service areas) and executive agencies or parts of agencies to be served;

(b) The name of the executive agency designated to be responsible for operating the fleet management system and the reason for such designation;

(c) A statement indicating the motor vehicles and related equipment and supplies to be transferred and the amount of reimbursement, if any, to be made; and

(d) An analytical justification to accompany each determination, including a comparison of estimated costs of the present and proposed methods of operation, an estimate of the savings to be realized through the establishment of the proposed fleet management system, a description of the alternatives considered in making the determination, a statement concerning the availability of privately owned facilities and equipment, and the feasibility and estimated cost (immediate and long-term) of using such facilities and equipment.

[51 FR 11023, Apr. 1, 1986, as amended at 56 FR 59887, Nov. 26, 1991]