Title 41

SECTION 101-25.302

101-25.302 Office furniture, furnishings, and equipment.

§ 101-25.302 Office furniture, furnishings, and equipment.

(a) Each executive agency shall establish criteria for the use of office furniture, furnishings, and equipment. Such criteria shall be in consonance with the provisions of § 101-25.104 pertaining to office furniture and office machines and shall be limited to the minimum essential requirements as established by the agency head for authorized functions and programs which will, beyond a reasonable doubt, be in operation within the following 6 months.

(b) In developing such criteria, a distinction shall be made between the requirements of organizational elements concerned with purely administrative functions, and those of a technical, scientific, or specialized nature.

(c) Items of office equipment, used only occasionally, should be pooled within an agency and made available to activities of the agency when and as necessary.

[29 FR 15993, Dec. 1, 1964, as amended at 42 FR 1031, Jan. 5, 1977]