Title 41

SECTION 101-25.109

101-25.109 Laboratory and research equipment.

§ 101-25.109 Laboratory and research equipment.

(a) This section prescribes controls for use by Federal agencies in managing laboratory and research equipment in Federal laboratories. Agencies may establish such additional controls as are appropriate to increase the use of already-owned equipment instead of procuring similar equipment.

(b) The term Federal laboratory, as used in this section, means any laboratory or laboratory facility in any Government-owned or -leased building which is equipped and/or used for scientific research, testing, or analysis, except clinical laboratories operating in direct support of Federal health care programs. To the extent practicable, agencies should observe the provisions of this section with regard to commercial laboratories and laboratory facilities which operate under contract with the Government and use Government-furnished equipment.

[43 FR 29004, July 5, 1978]