Title 40

SECTION 1033.750

1033.750 Changing a locomotive's FEL at remanufacture.

§ 1033.750 Changing a locomotive's FEL at remanufacture.

Locomotives are generally required to be certified to the previously applicable emission standard or FEL when remanufactured. This section describes provisions that allow a remanufactured locomotive to be certified to a different FEL (higher or lower).

(a) A remanufacturer may choose to certify a remanufacturing system to change the FEL of a locomotive from a previously applicable FEL or standard. Any locomotives remanufactured using that system are required to comply with the revised FEL for the remainder of their service lives, unless it is changed again under this section during a later remanufacture. Remanufacturers changing an FEL must notify the owner of the locomotive that it is required to comply with that FEL for the remainder of its service life.

(b) Calculate the credits needed or generated as specified in § 1033.705, except as specified in this paragraph. If the locomotive was previously certified to an FEL for the pollutant, use the previously applicable FEL as the standard.